"true" binary clock

this binary clock is a “true” binary clock in that it is entirely based on the (base two) number system instead of some derivative. most binary clocks on the market are based on bcd (binary coded decimal) which consists of two rows or columns for each number vs. a single row / column for "true" binary. the clock is based on the day being divided into 24 hour intervals (e.g. 60 seconds per minute, 60 minutes per hour, 24 hours per day). the clock is not intended to be use as a primary time keeping instrument. its purpose is a "toy / learning aid" and not for practical time keeping. However, using the current oscillator circuit, it will keep fairly accurate time +/- 4 seconds per month.


    32    16      8      4       2      1            (total to get number)
    (0)    (1)    (1)    (0)    (0)    (1)     =   (25 decimal ) or (19 hex)



    4        2      1                 (10s digit)
    (1)    (0)    (1)                 =    (5)
    8        4       2      1         (1s digit)       += (59 decimal)
    (1)    (0)    (0)    (1)         =    (9)

bcd has it place and will teach the basic skills of binary but it limits the math to only the first 4 digits. the binary clock that I proposed would require the user to do more binary arithmetic in their heads and become more skilled at binary pattern recognition. after using said proposed clock, mentally decoding bcd would require little effort.